As a leader in Medical Affairs, you are often challenged to maximize and demonstrate the value of your MSL Team.  There are only a handful of ways that an MSL can increase the impact of their work.

The impact of scientific exchange can be increased through deeper scientific partnership and by increasing the number of HCPs that you provide value to.  This may sound simple, but it goes beyond the simple metrics of number of interactions.

To increase the impact of your team’s scientific exchange:

  1. Strategically define which external stakeholders you are able to provide the most value to.
  2. Ensure your MSLs have the scientific knowledge and soft-skills needed to build a relationship that encourages scientific inquiry.
  3. Ensure the tools and systems used make the MSL’s job easier, so they can focus on stakeholders.

Many MSL teams underestimate the value of their insight generation activities.  Insight generation is a true value that they deliver to the organization.  There are two ways that MSL teams can increase the impact of insight generation.  The first is to increase the actionability of the insights collected and the second is to effectively use the insights internally.

To increase the impact of your team’s insight generation:

  1. Facilitate an integrated process with home office and field medical teams that identifies new areas of inquiry across all of your sources of insights.
  2. Have frequent virtual and in-person reviews of insights to make it clear which insights are most important.
  3. Commit to actions you will take prior to asking MSLs to gather or validate insights, then communicate the actions taken based on the insights collected.