Our Mission

To help Medical Affairs departments within large pharmaceutical companies flawlessly execute their medical plans and tactics with strategic, yet creative solutions.

Each and every member of your Acceleration Point team cares deeply about our mission and the impact we create with our clients.  We’ve partnered with medical affairs teams across the nation to strengthen engagement with Key Opinion Leaders, increase the volume of actionable insights brought to each organization, and dramatically improve the overall effectiveness of their medical operations.

From founding the company to now, our goal has always remained the same: to help Medical Affairs clients using an integrated approach to improved medical processes, analytics, and technology. Because helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives and realize results is Acceleration Point’s top priority.

No matter how complex your problem, we’ll use our combined firsthand experience with world-class pharmaceutical companies and unique blend of leadership backgrounds in organizational development, operations, finance, and IT to help you define and deliver the results you deserve.

Ready to talk about the positive effect Acceleration Point will have on your success? We’re happy to help optimize your process improvements, systems, and technology when you are.

“We pride ourselves on being able to lead all aspects of projects and partnerships for our clients. We work hard to develop practical and creative solutions that make a significant impact.”

– David Voight

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