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HCP Contracting

We developed strategies and processes for effective contracting with this organization and their HCPs.


A large pharmaceutical organization processing over 2,000 HCP agreements annually through the North American and Global medical affairs organizations.

HCP Contracting


Internal and external customer feedback was extremely negative with emphasis on process complexity, response times, and service levels.

The medical affairs leaders had no visibility to the progress of each HCP contract. The typical timeline to complete the contracting process took over 8 weeks, risking the relationship with the HCP. Many contracts took significantly longer.

Significant opportunities were identified around consistency in HCP payments, document storage, and transparency reporting.


Assess and Align

A detailed situation assessment of the current team, process, and systems was conducted.

Interviews with individual contributors, medical directors, and senior officers of the organization helped articulate the challenges that the medical, legal, finance, and transparency teams were experiencing throughout the process.

Fifty process improvement opportunities were identified that led to the formulation of a more efficient future state vision.

Establish Foundation Systems and Processes

Foundational systems and processes were implemented to stabilize the situation and improve the stakeholder experience. The goal was to establish a consistent process, begin to utilize a common tool, and define clear roles and responsibilities within the process.

Basic reporting and dashboards were deployed to provide visibility to leadership and help manage team member capacity.

A robust and complete training curriculum and methodology were created, including classroom training guides that enhance the knowledge base and support the engagement.

Improve Team Consistency

A key challenge identified during the initial assessment centered around the staffing of the team supporting the process. The organization staffed the role with contractors and had a substantial issue with performance, accountability, and turnover. This caused continued issues with customer service and adoption of the new tools and process.

With the support of leadership, an outsourced staffing model was established with higher quality individuals and more economic financial stability.

Transform Customer Service

The team was operating in a consistent fashion and providing exceptional service with a focus on transformational process changes and significant improvements in stakeholder communication.

The process and tools used throughout the entire organization were 100% consistent and stakeholder communication standards were established for all HCP engagement types through email, phone, and standing meetings to provide updates and status of projects.

Consistency allowed the organization to quickly implement all remaining improvement opportunities, as well as more than 20 additional items during the same timeframe.


  • Improved contract processing time by 45%
  • Internal medical affairs customer satisfaction consistency above 95%
  • Reduced internal central processing team turnover from 200% to less than 10%
  • Reduced the number of internal support tools from 41 to 3

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