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HCP Study Clarifies Value

We constructed an in depth study that identified value and areas of opportunity for this organization.


U.S. VP of Medical Affairs with a product for treating Multiple Sclerosis.

HCP Study Clarifies Value


This client had done extensive analysis of the available external research on their MSL team and how their performance compared to others’ teams within the indication.

The research available told them how they compared to the competition across numerous categories, but didn’t give them enough insight to understand what they needed to change to create the biggest impact for their HCP community.


Acceleration Point designed a double-blinded market study to understand the performance of the team at a deeper level, identify opportunities for improvement, and recognize areas where the team was doing well.

The study was constructed to understand what the opportunities were, why the HCP had that mindset, and how the team could address it during the coming year.

The study included an online survey, followed by a 45-minute HCP interview with one of our managing partners.

Through this detailed study and analysis, we were able to provide specific recommendations to the client on areas of improvement across their medical teams.


The field medical team identified specific areas of improvement and modified their interaction model and coaching approach to ensure consistency of experience for the HCPs.

The team also modified their training approach to increase the focus on areas that were differentiating for the HCP.

Finally, the team increased their focus on the delivery of value-added scientific education programs as a core responsibility of the MSL team.

After carrying out these changes and others, team performance improved dramatically within the external benchmarking. They moved from a trailing position against their peer group into the first or second position in every major category.

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