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KOL Identification & Profiling

We aligned this medical team with the most impactful KOLs for their organization.

KOL Identification & Profiling


An established U.S. medical team in Immunology.


The medical team was approaching an upcoming launch of a new indication within an existing product. Within their existing relationships, the team was only able to identify 29 KOLs. The team had access to a Pharmaspectra scientific expert dataset, but hadn’t used it in the past for KOL selection.


Landscape Analysis

Acceleration Point worked with the Medical Director and Field Medical leadership to define the scientific space that aligned with the team’s indication and product.

This resulted in a search string that was applied to the Pharmaspectra data lake to identify everyone who had contributed to the science based on the teams’ specific search terms. Almost 400 experts were quickly identified.

Team and Leadership Alignment

After receiving the list of identified experts, the Field Medical team was skeptical that the data was valuable and actionable. All 400 of the identified experts were profiled and added to the Pharmaspectra Link platform.

Acceleration Point facilitated a meeting with the Medical and Field Medical Directors to review the names that the Field Team has reviewed but chose not to add to their priority list. Each profile was reviewed along with the contributions from the scientific expert.

Due to team size, they prioritized the top 225 scientific experts. The MSLs validated each person and added 93% of them to their priority list in Veeva.

Data Integration for Performance

Even though the team had access to the data, they struggled to analyze it and determine exactly what action to take. The VP, Medical Director, and Field Medical Lead worked with Acceleration Point to personalize the data for each MSL and territory.

Acceleration Point helped personalize data by integrating data from CRM and other sources.

When the Pharmaspectra data was filtered to a specific territory and compared to the current focus list, Field Medical knew what action they should take. This was accomplished through the data, reporting, and CRM integration.

87% of the profiled experts had never had an interaction with anyone at the company previously.


The Field Medical Team had a clear list of who to prioritize and began to reach out to experts, create plans, and engage with the thought leaders. Within the first three months the team achieved the following results:

  • 84% of the profiled experts were contacted by phone or email in an attempt to establish an introductory engagement
  • 71% of the profiled experts had an interaction during the first three months of launch
  • Field Medical reported the tools save between 4-6 hours of research and preparation time for KOL engagements

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