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Medical Plan Alignment

We helped this client achieve a better position in their market with a new medical strategy and improved CRM.


A Medical Affairs team under new leadership within a mid-sized specialty Pharmaceutical company, built through acquisition.


Planning: Within this Medical Affairs team, the annual Tactical Plans were often built in isolation from the Medical Plan and summarized at too high of a level, making them unusable beyond those who wrote them because they were too general to understand and drive decisions. As a result, the different teams often did not understand the direct connection between their work and advancing the medical strategy.

Systems: Additionally, the systems and processes were not set up to enable or measure medical strategy execution. Specifically, the CRM was highly generic, providing little connection between interactions and strategy. Correspondingly, Medical Directors had difficulty monitoring and communicating measurable progress against the medical strategies.

Medical Plan Alignment


Modified the planning process to align medical objectives, functional action plans and progress measurement. To accomplish this, we took the following steps:

  • Facilitated Leadership alignment on the program requirements and solution, including CRM expectations.
  • Completed workshops with the Medical Directors and Field Medical Leadership to clarify their Medical Strategies and ensure these were written in an easily understood and measurable manner. This also included working with these groups to create discussion topics and Insight objectives aligned to the medical strategies that could be used to gauge HCP mindsets as MSLs recorded their interactions.
  • Aligned Medical Strategy with the priorities and functional planning of Medical Operations teams, including IME, ISS and Publications, to enhance ability to summarize and roll-up progress toward Medical Strategies.
  • Led the effort with the internal IT team to update the CRM with enhancements (e.g., new fields and functionality) to allow for improved consistency and recording of discussion topics (in alignment with Medical Plan Strategic Imperatives) and the ability to assess HCP alignment to those discussion topics and, by extension, the Medical Strategic Imperatives.
  • Held training sessions to demonstrate the new functionality and provided materials to communicate the new approach.


As a result of these efforts, the different Medical Affairs teams now have an improved linkage between the Medical Plans and their individual tactics and activities, which allows for greater ability to understand and demonstrate their value to both the Medical Affairs team and the broader company.

Additionally, the Medical Affairs team overall is much better positioned to measure progress toward its Medical Strategic Imperatives. The enhanced reporting capabilities built into the CRM ensure that the teams can monitor progress and adjust their Action Plans in a more real-time way, increasing efficiency in achieving results in the organization.

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