Digital Listening, Insights & Analytics, and KOL Engagement Planning

KOL Digital Listening

The most comprehensive KOL digital listening platform on the market

500% more online scientific content than other providers

Millions of sources world-wide

Monitor your KOLs & identify new Digital Opinion Leaders

Artificial intelligence enabled analytics

Explore the online networks of other HCPs following your experts

Insight Generation & Analytics

Analytics across your internal data to identify actionable insights and take action

Quickly find trends and patterns from field insights

Structured and free-text analytics

Monitor change in KOL Mindsets

Prioritize the right experts for engagement

Engage experts on the right strategic topics

KOL Collaborative Engagement Planning

Coordinate planning to engage the right experts across your organization

Collaborate across global, regional and local teams

Prioritize the most important engagements and events

Coordinate for a seamless KOL engagement experience

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