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Accelerated Insights®

An exclusive program created to help turn your clinical and medical insights into action.

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KOL Engagement

Complete profiles and analytics to effectively prioritize and engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

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Integrated Medical Dashboard

Designed to measure performance and deliver on-demand data based on a 360° view of your medical organization.

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CRM Implementation

Your CRM configured to ensure that medical leaders have the data they need and an experience specific for the MSL.

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HCP Contract Management

Streamline your contracting process to increase HCP satisfaction, make it easier on your team, and improve overall compliance.

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DOL Engagement

Development of a community of medical influencers and contributors across hundreds of online platforms.

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Launch Support

Processes and tools for planning and coordinating product launches in medical affairs.

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Training &

The latest strategies and content will ensure your team has the knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

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Additional Services Provided

KOL Surveys & Studies | Scientific Communications Operations Materials Review Management | Field Medical Excellence

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