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CRM Implementation

Medical Affairs processes and data needs are unique and require a CRM that is configured specifically for their needs. This can often be challenging when CRM systems are often implemented by the commercial team. With Acceleration Point’s CRM implementation service you can be assured that the CRM will be configured to meet the needs of MSLs and medical leadership. By focusing on your processes and our best practices your tool will work right for recording interactions, submitting insights, and ensuring the team has information they need for effective KOL planning. This service includes:

CRM Implementation

Ensure that your CRM design for KOL Profiles, recording interactions, territory management, planning, and insight generation is aligned to the needs of your medical strategy.

CRM Implementation

We can provide hands-on configuration and testing of your CRM or work with your existing configuration partners to ensure that the setup of your CRM meets the needs of your team.

CRM Implementation

Ongoing administration of your CRM system and reporting to ensure it stays aligned with your medical affairs strategy and field medical needs.

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