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Acceleration Point Provides Medical Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Social Media Monitoring Platform

ROANOKE, Va., June 15, 2021 – Acceleration Point, a Medical Affairs consulting firm that helps clients improve the execution of Medical Affairs strategies, today announced the launch of its enhanced Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Social Media Monitoring Platform.   The newly enhanced platform now makes it even easier to identify insights, find KOL engagement opportunities with advanced text analytics, and identify new Digital Key Opinion Leaders/Digital Opinion Leaders. 

The KOL Social Media Monitoring Platform is built and customized specifically for Medical Affairs teams in the pharmaceutical industry. The platform offers insights and engagement opportunities with existing KOLs and new Digital Key Opinion Leaders (DKOLs) in one comprehensive platform. Updated daily, the tool provides details into the scientific conversations KOLs are having about topics most relevant to Medical Affairs leaders.  

In a recent comparison, this new platform provides up to five times more content than other monitoring platforms.  This is a result of the scientific search that identifies both content owned by KOLs and also mentions of KOLs or quotes by KOLs posted by others across millions of sources in news, social media, forums, video sharing platforms, and the web.  With this content Acceleration Point also identifies non-traditional Digital Key Opinion Leaders (DKOLs) who are credentialed experts, discussing relevant science, and have a significant online reach with other healthcare professionals in related specialties.   

“A key differentiator of our platform, is that it is focused on relevant scientific discussion from your KOLs and new Digital KOLs reducing the distraction of irrelevant content,” states David Voight, Co-CEO of Acceleration Point. “Through our scientific-based text analytics and natural language processing, leaders in Medical Affairs can quickly identify new insights and find new opportunities to engage.” 

The enhancement Medical Affairs leaders are most excited about is the platform’s advanced analytics which reveals the treatments, diseases, and relevant key topics being discussed by KOLs and DKOLs.  These analytics are accessible in an easy-to-use search, guided discovery tool, and share of digital voice report.  

As Medical Affairs teams explore scientific social networks, Acceleration Point’s platform saves them time and provides deeper insights by providing a complete follower analysis.  Users can quickly see the names and specialties of all health care providers, and relevant medical organizations, that follow their KOLs.  The included reach measures allow users to quickly quantify the relative social impact of each expert and rank them.   

“Our platform is unique to the industry in that we offer much more data than any other provider and update it on a daily basis giving a real-time detailed understanding of the conversations KOLs and DKOLs are having  and their reach of influence,” said Scott Thompson Co-CEO of Acceleration Point adding, “While I am thrilled that Acceleration Point is providing the best-in-class KOL Social Monitoring Platform in the pharmaceutical industry, what is most exciting is helping our clients use it to generate new insights, identify new digital KOLs, and find new opportunities to engage with KOLs.”  


About Acceleration Point 

Acceleration Point helps Medical Affairs teams execute their medical strategies through better processes, simple-to-use tools, and actionable data.  Headquartered in Virginia, USA, and with offices in London, Acceleration Point provides strategies for global KOL engagement, insight generation, operational excellence, and now an even stronger approach to KOL social monitoring. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

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