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We're Kwello, the BEST Insights Company for Medical Affairs.


We’re Kwello, the BEST Insights Company for Medical Affairs.


Bold, right?
But that isn’t just a tagline.

It’s the confidence earned from unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and partnership in revolutionizing the insights process for Medical Affairs teams of all sizes across pharma and medical device organizations. Because we know that an insights strategy is the difference between having data – and having data that drives impact.

Typical medical affairs organizations systematically analyze less than one percent of field interaction notes.

-McKinsey & Company, 2024


Most organizations want to harness insights but are often:

  • CheckOverwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity, making comprehensive analysis challenging
  • CheckLacking a defined process to ensure that the information collected aligns with the company's strategic goals, leading to the underutilization of potentially valuable insights
  • CheckStruggling to quantify impact, with a significant gap in methodologies for demonstrating data's effect on strategic outcomes.

We’re here to change that.

Kwello is transforming the landscape of Medical Affairs with an informed point of view, advanced technology, and an unwavering commitment to partnership.


Kwello’s philosophy, known as the Accelerated Insights Method™, revolutionizes Medical Affairs by emphasizing strategic insight gathering and analysis to enhance patient care and organizational success.


 The Kwello platform, powered by ElsieAI – our generative AI Insights Assistant –redefines insight analysis in Medical Affairs, focusing on actionable strategies from diverse data sources uniquely tailored to the sector’s needs.


Kwello elevates partnership to a collaborative journey, closely working with clients to navigate the insights landscape, ensuring every client’s success and transforming them into organizational heroes.

Philosophy, Platform, Partnership

Our Philosophy

Through our Accelerated Insights Method™ , Kwello redefines medical insight strategy by prioritizing Purpose-Driven Insight Collection, with distinct strategic and tactical applications for long-term impact and immediate, actionable outcomes in Medical Affairs.

Insights to Impact

Directed Insights Approach

Our Directed insight approach emphasizes purposeful collection of insights, focusing on strategic alignment so insights support both immediate decisions and measuring long-term impact. This strategy ensures every insight serves as a catalyst for progress, supporting our mission to enhance patient care and achieve organizational success with precision and foresight.

Alignment and Impact

Insights Data Collection Methodology

Our Insight Data Collection Methodology improves how insights are gathered, prioritizing a structured approach and the utilization of multiple data channels. Our strategies, workshops, and technology all serve to improve the quality of the data so you can drive more informed decisions and meaningful change in the medical affairs landscape.

Purpose-Driven Insight Collection

Insights-to-Action Framework

Our Insights-to-Action Framework is designed to transform insights into strategic action efficiently. By systematically analyzing and applying insights, we align them directly with your strategic objectives, enabling rapid, impactful decision-making. This ensures that insights not only illuminate the path forward but actively shape organizational strategy and immediate actions, driving tangible progress and success.

Our Platform

At the heart of our mission lies our state-of-the-art Kwello platform, specifically designed for Medical Affairs teams.



Structured & Unstructured Insights



Track Alignment Against Your Medical Narrative
Over Time



Social Monitoring of KOLs & DOLs



Advanced Medically Trained AI for In-Depth Analysis of Responses



Full View of Team Dynamics to Ensure all Members are Equipped to Excel



Advanced Medically Trained AI for In-Depth Analysis of Responses

And so much more!

Our Partnership

Our promise to you is unwavering support at every turn. We’re not about hand-offs or one-off onboarding sessions. We are your steadfast partner, committed to supporting you through every step of your journey. Your wins are our wins—we’re here to see you succeed.

Key to your success is dedicated support from both a Customer Success representative and an expert Medical Affairs Consultant, guiding you through each phase of the transformation.

Partner with experts like Linda Traylor, VP Head of Medical Excellence

  • CheckEvaluation of Your Current Insight-Gathering Program
  • CheckDevelopment of HCP Alignment Strategies
  • CheckInsight Strategy Roadmap
  • CheckSkill Enhancement Virtual Workshops
  • CheckKwello Platform Onboarding & Training
  • CheckQuarterly KIQ Performance Reviews

An insights strategy is the difference between having data and having data that drives impact.

Insights are at the core of making smart, data-driven decisions, bridging the gap between having data and making sense of it, and turning information into actionable strategies that drive value. An insights strategy is where careful planning meets real-world results, essential for moving forward with confidence.

What amazing things could you achieve with better insights?

Shape Your

Medical Strategy

Identify crucial trends
and gaps through
KOL insights, guiding targeted research and education to elevate
patient and HCP.


Data Gaps

Discover and prioritize
missing information on
patient populations or needed
real-world evidence, directly impacting studies and improving patient care.



Tailor strategies to
KOL needs for more impactful education
and social media presence, fostering deeper relationships.



Reduce manual tasks and improve data management by identifying process automation opportunities, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.


Advocacy Efforts

Identify critical
areas for advocacy
or education,
creating targeted programs
that support patient
and HCP needs.

Elevate Medical


Pinpoint areas for
enhanced education
on key topics or new products, leading to more informed HCPs and better patient care.

So, what makes us different?

Focus on Process

We focus on the process, not just the tool.

Our Accelerated Insights Method™, developed by trailblazing Medical Excellence leaders, provides a step-by-step roadmap on how to harness insights to maximize the measurable impact of Medical Affairs.

Focus on Process

We created a world-class tool specifically for medical affairs.

Kwello is a world-class tool designed specifically for Medical Affairs. Our platform enables you to execute, track, and further your strategy.

Focus on Process

We believe every customer deserves to be the hero of their organization.

We’re all about helping you shine! Our mission is all about evolving your processes, providing more value, achieving desired results, and championing your personal success.

Our Customers

Our customers at the forefront of shaping healthcare outcomes through strategic insight gathering, analysis, and application, making them integral to the success and advancement of Medical Affairs across pharma and medical device organizations.

Just getting started?

Get it right from the beginning.
We excel at helping create
new insight processes
at up-and-coming.

Looking for change?

We specialize in
change within
large organizations.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Faster Insight
Analysis with ElsieAI

Client Testimony

I am blown away with what I have seen with ElsieAI thus far. This is going to be an absolute game changer for us in terms of analyzing insight data.

Dave Harper

Senior Field Medical Director,
U.S. Cardiometabolic Field Team,
Gilead Sciences

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