Share of Scientific Voice

Share of Scientific Voice

The right data dissemination, through the right channels, with the right experts. 


The most comprehensive data base of scientific contributions available to objectively compare data dissemination between companies within a therapeutic area. 

Maximize impact at congresses in publications and with KOLs

Achieve share of scientific voice outcomes

Data dissemination through best channels and KOLs

Intro to SOSV Science

SOSV is a comparison of the scientific dissemination across multiple treatments in the same therapeutic area

Compares abstrated science disseminated through congresses and publications

Treatments SOSV details page

Conferences SOSV details page

Publications SOSV details page

SOSV Experts Intro

Share of scientific voice of the most influential experts in an identified therapeutic area

List of profiled experts by scientific rank, institution, country and specialty

View total expert SOSV over a specified period of time

Easily filter list by related search criteria

Evaluate and compare scientific contributions by expert

Conference Planning

Build conference strategies that are impactful and data-driven decisions that are aligned with your goals for share of scientific voice.

View where the science about your treatment being disseminated

Analyze number of product mentions and share of mentions

Use filters to review contribution types

Analyze world-wide conference impact and investment

Publications Planning 

Strategically publish in the most impactful journals and improve your  share of scientific voice. 

Evaluate Journal share of scientific voice by therapeutic area

Identify which publications will be most impactful and relevant

Insight to treatment share of voice by indication

Evaluate and compare scientific contributions by geopraphy

KOL Engagement Planning

Maximize the engagement of your field medical experts with KOLs through strategic planning. 

Evaluate share of scientific voice for profiled experts

Prioritize KOL engagement based off scientific influence

Identify opportunities to recover, protect, and build share of scientific voice

Review expert's profile details and contributions to prepare for engagements

Setting Goals 

Align your medical affairs team around a common objective goal of  adequate data dissemination to improve patient outcomes and meet unmet medical needs.  

Set goals for product scientific share of voice based on historic trend analysis

Prioritize most effective conference and journals to maximize impact

Strategically align resources for product launches

Establish goals for diversification and influence of KOLs

Protect, regain, or grow share of scientific voice with targeted KOLs


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