Support for your KOL Social Monitoring Platform

Your KOL Social Monitoring platform by Acceleration Point has been upgraded with a new look and feel. The upgrade includes  several new features to help you generate insights, engage differently, and save time.  

New 14-day Summary 

The new 14-day summary provides you with a quick view of the most recent online content by your KOLs and Digital KOLs.  Watch the 14-day summary video to learn about topic summary, how to see the most influential KOLs from the last two weeks, and how to discover KOLs who are new to the online discussion.

 Social Feed & Filters 

The social feed has been upgraded with added graphics so you can now see the attachments that people may have shared giving you greater visibility into the KOL’s content. You can now see which KOL is specifically mentioned in each post in addition to who authored it. This makes it easy to quickly identify which KOL or organization is being referenced in a particular post. What the Social Feed & Filters video to learn about the new advanced filter pane.

KOL List 

Access your KOL list to find a prioritized list of experts based on their social rank. Here you rank your experts by different factors and see which of your experts have the most HCP followers. The new advanced filters pane gives you more options for finding your expert fast. Take a look!

KOL Profile 

The KOL profiles have gotten a major upgrade. In addition to the enhanced feed your platform now include profile analytics. These analytics will show you the diseases, treatments, and key medical topics being discussed by your KOLs online. You can also explore your expert’s social medical networks where you can see who is mentioning your KOL, which HCPs follow your KOLs, and what HCPs and organizations your KOL mentions online. Enjoy the KOL Profile video to learn more.

Medical Analytics 

Save time and find deeper insights with the new medical analytics page. This tool uses medical-specific text analytics to identify trends in diseases, treatments, and key scientific topics being discussed across all your experts. Use this page to find topics and quickly see the related posts. Learn more in the analytics video.

Share of Voice 

When it comes to mentions of your product online, your new Share of Voice page makes it easy to see which companies and products are being talked about by your KOLs. Use the search function to see which products are being discussed related to scientific topics or related to a congress. Watch the Share of Voice video to see how it works.

Data Steps 

The new data steps tool is here to help you answer key scientific questions. This step-by-step tool walks you through the process of completing an analysis to make it easy to find the answers to your questions. See this innovative new approach to exploring data in the Data Steps video.

KOL Social Monitoring Support
KOL Social Monitoring Support
KOL Social Monitoring Support
KOL Social Monitoring Support


Relevant, scientific discussion from millions of online sources with advanced medical analytics.

New Ways
to Engage

New opportunities to engage based on real-time activities and discussions.


Find experts on key topics and explore the medical social networks of your KOLs.

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Know the latest online activity of your KOLs before you engage with daily updates and integration into your CRM.