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At Acceleration Point we maximize the impact of MSL Organizations by helping Medical Affairs Leaders design and implement MSL Excellence Strategies. The Acceleration Point team collectively has decades of experience creating strategies for organizations, functions, and departments. What sets us apart is our understanding of how people, processes, and technology work together systematically to effectively … Continue reading Our Company

  • Jeff challenges leaders to evaluate their assumptions, and speaks to the heart of the most important matters affecting a business.

    -Derek Ramsey

  • Scott was the driving force in building our award winning training team. Scott was committed to the success of our 50,000 employees and was a strategic thought leader. Scott has a unique ability to diagnose and solve root cause issues that support the behavioral structure of an organization

    -Michael J Pack

  • David possesses an impressive combination of talents.  He is a highly intelligent, strategic thinker who is not afraid to think outside the box.  He understands diverse organizations and has the practical experience and knowledge to get things done.

    -Toni Yacobian

  • Scott helped me refocus on what’s really important. He challenged me to look at things from a new perspective that delivered better clarity than I had been able to achieve on my own.

    -Tara McCarthy

  • Scott is a rare breed in the consulting world. His insights, guidance, and programs are effective in delivering the desired results.

    -Brian Bazer

  • David is one of the most talented people I know. He’s a financially smart executive, a strategic visionary, identifies significant process improvement opportunities, understands organizations cross-functionally, and drives results.

    -Michele Bordo

  • Scott looks at challenges from all sides, thinks through creative solutions and implements solutions flawlessly. People seek Scott out as he is known for getting to the ‘real’ bottom of issues.

    -Mark Felici

  • Scott brings incredibly deep knowledge of Organizational Development to light in a way that illuminates the business outcomes our partners desire.

    -Derek Ramsey

  • Chris has the unique ability to manage the details while keeping the big picture results at the front of his mind. I worked closely with Chris building the first large e-commerce learning business from strategy, product development, implementation and support

    -Tom Barrett

  • David is a “maximizer”, which means that he can take something that is good and make it great.  He consistently challenges the status quo, provides thought provoking ideas, designs winning strategies, and implements improved business processes. I would highly recommend David as a business partner.

    -Francis Nzeuton

  • David is able to look at complex challenges and design simple solutions that works for an organization.  He has a great blend of strategic thinking and operational execution abilities.  He is a great partner and has added a lot of value to my business.

    -Jason Hand

  • Scott has a rare combination of Organizational Effectiveness/HR expertise while having a brilliant and strategic business mind. He gets business and knows how to set up an organization to execute their strategy. We’re so pleased to have access to his talents.

    -Tom Hendrickson

  • Scott Thompson is one of the best management consultants in the field. His ability to bring out the best in his clients is among the best professionals in the world of OD, strategic planning, team development, and organizational alignment.

    -Robert Fritz