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Blending Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Analysis for Medical Insight Generation

We are often asked about artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing for medical insight generation.

“We want to use AI software to help us identify trends and insights. How do we do that?”

If only such a one-click strategy creation solution existed. A computer cannot answer complex questions about data collection or dissemination strategies, whether you’re an experienced internal operations team or are working with a partner like Acceleration Point. The medical leadership team’s role is to review data collected, identify patterns, and prioritize actions. These tasks cannot be entirely delegated to technology because such technology does not yet exist.

However, despite its limitations, artificial intelligence can serve as an incredible partner to Medical Affairs. You can use analytic tools to find patterns that you wouldn’t notice with the naked eye. You can use technology to process a thousand pieces of data as quickly as you could ten. You can use technology to get more consistent and accurate information from around the world. At the end of the day, it is Medical Affairs leadership’s job to determine what that information means and what actions to take as a result of that data. 

In addition to the technical components of insight generation, there should be human analysis. Medical Affairs has teams responsible for generating data. They have teams dedicated to creating publications and presentations to disseminate data. However, in most Medical Affairs organizations, there are no teams dedicated to harvesting insights and driving them to action.

That is what the question that opened this article missed. It’s not about replacing humans; it’s important to have both technology and human analysis. AI solutions should be used by a Medical Affairs analysis team to sift through vast amounts of data, but both software and humans are needed to produce insights from that data. AI will not tell you what your insights are, but these solutions can help narrow down what you’re looking for. AI can remove 20,000 pieces of straw, leaving only a hundred to look through and find the needle.

We want to help you spend less time deliberating over who gets to read those 7,000 data points so you can spend more time on conversation and strategic action. Finally, you can stop searching for the insight needle in the data haystack. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Acceleration Point today.

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