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Share of Scientific Expert Voice: Finding Key Opinion Leaders Who Impact the Standard of Patient Care

Dec 15, 2020

The Share of Scientific Voice (SOSV) metric offers Medical Affairs a holistic overview of where to improve, where to gain ground, and where to defend from competitors. One way Share of Scientific Voice guides overall medical strategy is Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement. Within your region, who are the most impactful authors, study investigators, and presenters, and what is the Share of Voice of that group? Each influential KOL tells a different story. At Acceleration Point, we measure the impact of each person by looking at the SOSV in their meetings and publications. We call this Share of Scientific Expert Voice. Similar to Share of Scientific Voice, this metric measures an expert’s involvement with your product or area of specialty relative to their engagement with other companies.

Leveraging Pharmaspectra data and the Acceleration Point SOSV dashboard, you can look at top KOLs to see how involved each is with your product compared to similar products. Further, you can see which KOLs are disseminating your information, where, when, and how often—all relative to your competitors as defined by a percentage. This knowledge shows you if there are competitive gaps to address. There are three potential outcomes as your review the SOSV of specific KOLs:

Recover Share of Scientific Voice
While looking at SOSV data, you may see that you had strong engagement with a KOL and at some point their engagement fell off or moved to a competitor organization. When we see a drop in SOSV it is important to identify why this happened. Was this an unexpected drop due to a problem engaging with your company? Was this expected as a result of new competitors entering the market? By seeing that there has been a drop and identifying the cause you can organize plans to recover.

Grow Share of Scientific Voice
With this view of the data, you can see which KOLs are engaged in scientific dissemination but perhaps not working with you. You can quickly identify experts you do not deeply engage with to grow your SOSV or broaden your overall based on contributors.

Protect Share of Scientific Voice
Most companies will find that the majority of their SOSV is centralized in a small number of highly influential KOLs. It is critical to identify who these experts are and build plans to ensure that the relationship, and with it SOSV, is protected.

To be able to calculate Share of Scientific Expert Voice, you have to have all the mentions, and all the data. If you don’t have all the data, you don’t have a full picture. While some companies can go to PubMed to piece together a data picture, that’s a time-consuming task which still doesn’t provide all the information. When you partner with a company like Acceleration Point and our data partner Pharmaspectra, you get the deepest and most sophisticated data set of publications, presentations, and trials around the world. That way you have the full picture—the true Share of Scientific Expert Voice. 

Taking these steps to develop your Share of Scientific Expert Voice will go a long way in expanding your influence. Targeting experts in your field, you can find the most influential KOLs that are creating and disseminating science that impacts the standard of patient care and those people producing science information regarding your products.

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