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Coaching Measures in KOL Engagement

The Importance of Coaching Measures in KOL Engagement: Unlocking the Potential of Medical Affairs Teams

Apr 5, 2023


 A common challenge faced by medical affairs teams is the overemphasis on activity-based metrics while underestimating the importance of impact measures in KOL engagement (see our blog on impact measures for KOL Engagement). While activities are crucial for gauging team effectiveness, focusing too heavily on them can lead to a lack of impact measures. In this blog, we explore how to strike the right balance by introducing coaching measures that enable individual field team members to plan and managers to coach effectively, ultimately leading to improved impact over time. 

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Solution: Introduce Capacity, Quality, and Outcome Measures to Drive Effective Coaching 


To drive effective coaching in KOL engagement, medical affairs teams should incorporate three types of coaching measures: capacity measures, quality measures, and outcome measures. These measures help teams determine whether they are focused on the right activities, assess effectiveness, evaluate resource allocation, and identify ways to improve their impact. 

Capacity Measures:

Capacity measures help teams maximize the number of opportunities they have to make an impact. Examples of capacity measures include the number of engagements, the number of unique HCPs engaged, the number of programs conducted, and the number of sites supported. These measures help assess whether the team engaged in enough activities to make a difference.  These capacity measures should align with the goals aligned to in your capacity model (see blog on capacity modeling). 

Quality Measures:

Quality measures focus on what teams did with the opportunities they had. These measures evaluate whether the team engaged with the right people on the right topics and whether the discussions were of strategic importance. Additionally, quality measures assess the frequency of learning from insights observations during engagements, the balance of engagement channels, and the utilization of materials used. 

Outcome Measures:

Outcome measures gauge the results of the team’s efforts. These measures include relationship indicators such as Net Promoter Score or other service scores, advocacy measures, and engagement measures. By tracking these outcomes, teams can better understand the effectiveness of their KOL engagement strategies and adjust accordingly. 



Incorporating coaching measures into KOL engagement strategies is crucial for medical affairs teams looking to optimize their impact and drive better outcomes. By focusing on capacity, quality, and outcome measures, teams can communicate progress toward their desired impact and identify areas for improvement. As Acceleration Point works with KOL engagement teams, we provide coaching support and teach teams to utilize these measures to communicate progress effectively, ultimately unlocking the potential of medical affairs teams and driving better results. 


Contact us today to learn how we can help define and measure success for Medical Affairs teams.


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