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Kwello Just Got Better

The World’s Most Powerful Social-Listening Platform Just Got Better

Sep 26, 2022

Here at Acceleration Point, we’ve been doing social listening to help medical affairs save time and effort — and accelerate their impact — for over a half decade. During that time, we’ve continually updated our capabilities to ensure that Kwello remains the most comprehensive KOL social monitoring platform on the market.

Still, the upcoming relaunch of our platform represents a quantum leap forward. It’s the biggest advancement in social listening for medicine and science that we’ve seen since we started working in this field.

We’re excited about the detailed insights our recently enhanced platform can provide for medical affairs teams. And we’re especially thrilled our product is now so intuitive and easy to use. This puts millions of pieces of scientific content published by leading scientists, academic researchers, and HCPs at your fingertips.


Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Today’s Most Important Scientific Conversations

In recent years, making meaningful connections with KOLs has grown more and more difficult. Researchers and health care practitioners are busier, more in-demand, and more protective of their time than ever. Real-time social listening gives medical affairs a window into KOLs’ thoughts — almost at the very moment they’re thinking them.

What’s challenging about keeping track of KOLs’ online activities is the sheer quantity of discussion taking place. It’s almost impossible to separate the signal from the noise in the digital space because content is published with so much:

  • Volume: Millions if not billions of contributions are published daily.
  • Variety: Content can take an enormous number of forms, from long-form articles to tweets, videos, podcasts and much more.
  • Velocity: The conversations are ongoing, with new content produced and shared at a pace that’s nearly impossible to keep up with manually.

The Kwello social-monitoring platform helps to solve all these problems. With coverage of 500% more scientific content than other providers’ tools, it was expressly designed to handle the voluminous nature of contemporary scientific discourse. Kwello can filter information from everywhere, including blog posts, industry news sites, social media platforms, YouTube and professional societies’ websites — an array of sources so wide that it spans the entire internet — to reveal the most relevant content. And it can keep pace with the lightning-fast speed of modern information exchange.


Understand What’s Most Important — At First Glance

Because the digital space is so crowded and noisy, we invest ongoing effort into making it as easy as possible for our users to identify trends, find new information and see which scientific conversations are most worthy of their attention. This is why we created a dashboard where you can get an overview of the most relevant content published within the last two weeks. In the dashboard, it’s easy to see which contributions have the greatest reach, which KOLs are most active and which scientific topics relevant to your product are being discussed most often.

When there’s so much information at hand, sorting, filtering, and organizing it are critical. Kwello makes it simple to identify experts based on their reach, understand which specific disease states, treatments, and medical topics they’re discussing, and even search contributions based on which conference they were presented at. Powerful search capabilities enable you to filter lists and your social feed according to what’s most relevant to you.

Automated alerts are also key. Set triggers so that the system will inform you whenever something you should pay attention to takes place. This might mean that you’re alerted whenever a particular KOL in your territory publishes new content. Or it might mean receiving curated content on a particular topic of interest to you, delivered in daily, weekly or monthly emails. Alerts ensure that no matter how busy you get, you’ll never miss important details or be late to receive urgent insights.


Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

When it comes to building important relationships, serendipity matters. A well-timed comment is much more likely to spark a conversation, and an expression of interest when an idea is fresh in someone’s mind is much more likely to garner a detailed response. For relationships between medical affairs and KOLs, this will only grow more true as more and more scientific discussion moves online, people grow busier and the number of followers they have increases.

That’s why answering strategic questions quickly, following conversations in real time, and finding the most relevant information immediately are so important. When you understand what the experts you’re trying to connect with are interested in right now, it’s that much easier to forge a connection.

One of our customers, an early adopter of the new platform, has already learned this firsthand. He’d been trying to connect with a top electrophysiologist for quite some time but had never been able to get an appointment. He saw that the researcher published a comment on Twitter, and because Kwello enabled him to identify the comment’s importance immediately, he was able to respond right away. (Organizational policy prohibited exchanging communications via social media, so he sent an email message instead.) The expert immediately responded to that email, and they subsequently talked on the phone for over an hour.

Knowing when KOLs are active on social media gives you a powerful advantage when it comes to building relationships. It lets you know when they’re both available and ready to exchange ideas. If you can connect during this period, you have a much better chance of cementing a lasting and fruitful relationship.

Interested in learning more about how social listening can help your team build stronger relationships with KOLs (both online and off)? Download our new playbook, Building Meaningful Relationships: How to Engage and Collaborate with KOLs and DOLs in the Digital Space, today.


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